Britt Bloem

Hi! My name is Britt Bloem and I was born in Leiden, the Netherlands.

I‘m 3 times Austrian pole dance champion, international competitor and I
currently travel around Europe to teach workshops. I love, live and breathe
poledance and the pole community.

The first time on the pole, was in a pole dance course of the University of
Leiden. The feeling of floating around the pole sparked a passion for
poledancing that remains to this day.

Almost a decade ago, I left Holland for Austria.
I started training in 2011 and only a few months after, I took part in my frst
international competition and won 3rd place amongst the Dutch girls. Since
then I made it into many fnals of national and international competitions.
My personal highlights were being on stage of Pole Theatre World and winning
the national championships (Miss Pole Dance Austria) 3 years in a row.

My favorite things:
In this workshop I will share a selection of my current favorite things with you!
You will learn whatever cool tricks, spins and transitions I have been playing with lately and some of my old favorites. The workshop is on static and spinning pole.
Lets have some fun and work on some cool new things!

For Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Spinny Shapes:
There is just no feeling like spinny pole - it comes pretty close to fl oating don‘t you think?
Spinny pole has a beautiful magic and dynamic to it, turning the simplest of moves
into visual spectacles and allowing for endless fl owy combos of shapes.
Level: Beginners / Intermediate


Bei nicht erreichen der Mindestteilnehmerzahl behalten wir uns das Recht vor, die Workshops abzusagen.
Die Anmeldung ist in jedem Fall verbindlich - bei Nichtkönnen kann ein Ersatzteilnehmer genannt werden und bei Nichterscheinen - aus welchem Grund auch immer - ist der ganze Kursbetrag fällig! Bezahlung erfolgt in bar direkt an Britt - bei Rechnungswunsch bitte direkt an sie wenden!

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Termine und Buchung*

My favorite things - € 49,-
Samstag / 03.03.2018 / 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr

Spinny Shapes - € 49,-
Samstag / 03.03.2018 / 16:00 - 17:30 Uhr

*Die Anmeldung ausnahmslos verbindlich - bei Nichtkönnen kann ein Ersatzteilnehmer genannt werden, bei Nichterscheinen ist der ganze Kursbetrag fällig!